What is a Freelance Virtual Assistant?

Don't just opt for cheap agencies. Opt for quality and long-term collaboration.

A Virtual Assistant (or "VA") is a trusted partner in your business. They are a gift of having more time for the things you enjoy. More time for the core business, leisure, family, traveling. Or just the freedom to do nothing for once. They provide space and thus a higher quality of life. They offer unfailing support, turn on their phone on so you can take time to disconnect.

We are the fairies with many skills.

Every freelancer knows, how much time it takes to run your own business. Even a very small one. We know it from experience. It's just not possible to take care of everything yourself. To take aboard a trusted, multitalented, creative freelance assistant gives you the chance to experience the biggest advantage of running your own business: Freedom.

A Virtual Assistant is your ticket to more freedom.

Freelance Virtual Assistants are more than hired assistants from a cheap agency. We think for ourselves. We believe in success. We are playing a part. We are proactive and practical. We are your voice. We create websites, add color to your Social Media, write catchy texts, make videos, spead love via email. We are multitalented and we are freelancers ourselves. We hear you.

We are here for you.

That's why we say: Don't opt for cheap agencies.

To tailor my services specifically to your needs, you can have a 30 minute free call with myself. Should my expertise not be exactly what you are looking for, I can forward you to other German speaking assistants out of our VA database.

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Advantages of a freelance VA:

  • Less headaches
  • More time for your core business
  • More time for yourself, family, and travel
  • Someone who pays attention and has ideas
  • VA grows with your business
  • Flexible schedules
  • No office and equipment costs

Virtual Assistance

As a VA I specialized in 3 core services:

Customer Service

I can be your voice. I can communicate with your clients in English, German and Spanish via phone, email, chat, video call or social media and explain workflows, take orders, book appointments and generally send out love.

Website Development

As a certified Web Developer I create modern, responsive, one-page websites with just like this one. I can include widgets like a chat or scheduling tools, and create a nice landing page with a call to action.

Social Media Management

As a Social Media Manager, I can advise you on which channels to focus on for your business, set up all relevant channels, create a strategy, create/curate and regularly post content relevant to your target audience.

More Virtual Assistance

Photo & Video

I create photos and videos myself and I professionally work with the Adobe Creative Cloud including Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Photo Editing and Adobe Premiere Pro (and After Effects) for high-end video post-production.


I do transcriptions in German language from any video or audio format including timestamps if needed. I can also create captions for your YouTube / Vimeo / Facebook videos or create videos from text.

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Even more...

  • Short Translations
  • Blog/Travel Writing
  • Travel Planning
  • Research
  • ...

Web Development

Single-Page Website

Beautiful, clean, modern and responsive Single-Page Websites just like this one. Perfect for homepages and portfolios.


I can install WordPress on your server and help you customize your Theme, create a Child-Theme or convert your static website to WordPress.

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Ruby on Rails

I have basic knowledge in Ruby on Rails web applications and database structures. If you need some simple tweaks, try me :)

About Me

Hi, I am Eliane. After a decade of travelling, I decided to jump on the freelancing train and offer the skills that I have acquired over the years. I am convinced that location-independent work is the work of the future and more and more people will find their way to a life with more freedom and time. What matters to me is honesty and reliability. In this world of fast technology it is important that we stay down-to-earth and offer time, patience and understanding and follow an organic growth.

Price Examples

You can book me for standalone projects or on a monthly basis. The more hours, the lower the hourly rate.
For an individual pricing proposal tailored to your needs, please contact me.

5 hours

200 USD 100 USD

50% off in trial period (new clients only)

15 hours

600 USD

(40 USD / h)

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30 hours

1020 USD

(34 USD / h)

What my Clients say

"Very professional work and a great deal!"
--Jonathan from Saskatoon, Canada

"Very fast and high quality"
--Evergreen Verlag from Berlin, Germany

"Very easy to work with, quick response, fast delivery and very good results"
--Andrea Laszic

"Love to work with Eliane, she is great!!!"
--Barbara Kuendig

"A talented translator with perfect English and German and a personal attitude to customers. Choose her when in doubt. Clear understanding of goals and details and meticulous performance. Highly cooperative and approachable. She will be my first choice if I need to order a translation again. 10/10"

I have worked for:

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